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New Zynga games fail to impess

Zynga's latest Facebook game releases have been relative busts when compared to hit titles like Farmville and Mafia wars, barely making the top 40 of distractions on the social network.

The biggest applications on Facebook have over a hundred million players apiece, but the latest releases, which include Hidden Chronicles and Scramble with Friends, have faired far worse. While some have done quite well, with Castleville and Empires and Allies having around five million daily active users just ten days after release, Hidden Chronicles hasn't even broken 750,000.

Scramble with Friends peaked at the 35th most popular app two days after release. However, now after nearly two weeks, it's already droped to 62nd.

These statistics were released by the financial advisory firm Cowen Group, which along with other companies, has been interested in Zynga's monetary status due to the firm becoming a publicly traded company late last year. Since then the share prices have been steadily declining with stock holders looking to the future.

"We believe that Zynga's rich valuation can only be justified if Zynga is able to at least stabilise, if not grow, its overall social gaming audience," said the report from the Cowen Group.

As Games Industryreports, Zynga needs to be drawing in an extra nine to ten million users every quarter to maintain the current success rate of the flagship games.

"The quarterly rate of DAU decline for Zynga's titles that are at least three months old has averaged 18.4% per quarter for the last two years. Additionally, the rate of decline averaged 24.4% in 2H:11 as Zynga ramped its new title output, suggesting cannibalisation," the report continued.

There does seem to be a slight decline in Zynga games popularity, as none of the games released in 2011 reached the coveted 10 million player threshold.