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Powermat points iPhone owners to best places to charge their phones

Powermat announced at this year's Consumer Electronics Show what the company has managed to develop, following the partnership with Duracell - the first co-branded iPhone case, and also wireless charging pad.

However, what attracted the most attention was the company's first app that has augmented reality features. This is in collaboration with the Madison Square Garden, where Powermat has delivered an app that allows iPhone owners to make use of mats built into the counters on box seats, with a check feature on Facebook Places.

All the user has to do afterwards is then point his or her iPhone into any direction, then look for available spots where the Powermats are installed.

Also, this app alerts the iPhone owner when the phone is running low on power, where the search must then start.

The feature is also supposed to encourage more businesses to offer this option to the public.

As the analyst from noticed, the Powermat solution predicts that the technology powering augmented reality is reaching the main stream and shaping the future of "location-based social networks and wireless charging." In addition, this app offers to the users the option of voting for their favourite locations.