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Prodigy iPhone Case Projects Functional Virtual Keyboard onto Any Surface

Recently Celluon, a Korean company, presented a device that any gadget lover will be enthusiastic about; the Prodigy is an iPhone 4/4S case that can project a full-size virtual keyboard onto any surface, that also allows you to type on it.

The new addition to an increasingly large amount of intriguing, cool accessories dedicated to Apple's smartphones, was introduced at this year's edition of CES, Pocket-Lint reports.

Prodigy works by tracking the users' fingers typing on the projected keyboard. Every time the laser beams that are firing the keyboard are interrupted, the movement is translated into a letter and the device is able to process the information and share it with the iPhone via a Bluetooth connection.

However, in order to work properly, the device needs the user to type "cleanly", without hesitant fingers or unnecessary movements on its surface, otherwise the device can have a hard time recognising the intended keystrokes and the results are unexpected.

Also, users could find it a bit odd at first typing on strange surfaces. To make Prodigy even more appealing to users, the company has included the option of an additional battery to allow iPhone users more time on their smartphone.

The device should go on sale for around £150.

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