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Samsung to Increase Battery Life with Larger Batteries in Upcoming Smartphones

Almost all smartphone owners must devote a certain amount of their day charging up their handsets. However, according to new reports, Samsung plans to change all that by incorporating enhanced battery life in future handsets.

In an interview with CNet, Samsung's vice president Kevin Packingham disclosed that the company is currently planning to include bigger batteries on their 2012 line of smartphone devices. Bigger batteries will mean larger capacity, thus resulting in a longer battery life.

The main goal of the company, according to Packingham, is to make the battery life of forthcoming Samsung smartphones last a full day.

Indeed, that's a pretty bold undertaking. So it will be interesting to see how the company approaches that goal, and more importantly, whether or not it can deliver on those promises.

"Unfortunately apart from the logical conclusion that Samsung would end up stuffing larger batteries into their devices, how else the company plans to optimize their devices for more efficient battery usage remains pretty much a mystery for now," Tyler Lee of UberGizmo noted in his report.