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Sony Releases YouTube Teaser for DotSwitch Entertainment Feature

Japanese electronic giant Sony has released a new promotional video featuring "Dot Switch" - a new form of entertainment from the company.

Though the teaser, as might be expected, does not reveal too much about the forthcoming offering from the company, it does show a Sony Ericsson handset controlling a gramophone, a television as well as a robotic arm.

While controlling a robotic arm via a handset seems to be more of a marketing gimmick with little practical use, the "new entertainment" form promised by the company could revolve around the concept of using one's handset for controlling external gadgets.

Also, it is possible that the new offering from the company will enable users to share their smartphones' content with televisions. Sony's Tablet S is already equipped with that ability.

The teaser also shows the robotic arm removing a cover from a small black coloured box. What exactly the box could be, still holds a lot of mystery though. It resembles a small TV leading some to believe it could represent a "new kind of TV" which the company hinted at last year, Tech Radar suggests.

All being said, these are just some wild guesses that the tech community is making after having a glimpse of the teaser. The company is yet to announce anything concrete in this regard.