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Spammers use McAfee Software Flaw to Hijack PCs

A security vulnerability in the security software maker McAfee's SaaS Endpoint Protection has been reported by the software's customers.

According to recent reports, the flaw has resulted in many of the users' computers being used as open proxies by spammers to spread spam.

Subsequently, many of the unfortunate victims complained that their e-mails were then blocked by e-mail providers because their IP addresses were blacklisted for distributing the spam emails.

McAfee however, has acknowledged this recently discovered flaw in SaaS Endpoint Protection, and said it is currently working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

"We are aware of the issue and have both threat analytics and development teams diligently analyzing the problem and possible solutions," the company said in a statement, noted by Elinor Mills of CNet.

According to further reports, a total of 1,900 IP addresses using McAfee software in the last one and a half months are currently serving as open proxies for spam messages.

The Kaamar blog has come up with a solution which allows users to check whether or not they have been affected by the flaw.