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Unofficial ICS Update Available for Dell Streak 7 Tablet

An experimental Ice Cream Sandwich port is available for the Dell Streak 7 tablet computer, however, it is not an official version.

A two member intrepid team at TabletRoms has developed a beta version of the Streak 7 Android 4.0 ROM which utilises Cyanongen Mod 9 UI elements. The team behind this beta version specifically mentioned that as it is a beta version, the team will not be responsible for any blunders.

And while users and developers have been given a platform to experiment with, it has to be done at their own risk. When updating the beta version, users must bookmark all threads that appear below and also stay aware of the progress of the ROM, reports Recombu.

With the beta update, most of the functions seem to be operating fine for GPS and the camera, 3G/GSM radios, and many other features. In fact, a PayPal link has been made available with the ROM.

Thus, it seems to be a great way to get the Google's Android Ice Cream Sandwich update even though it is not official and there is no warranty is attached to it. It will be up to users to determine if the risks outweigh the rewards or not.