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ZTE to Focus on Windows Phone 7 Devices for 2012

Seems like ZTE, the Shenzhen based technology outfit, has a rather exciting roadmap in place for this year. Generally considered the fourth biggest mobile manufacturer in the world, the company declared it is planning to launch smartphones powered by the Windows Phone platform this year while increasing the overall supply of their handsets.

After huge rise in demand, the company is expecting to ship double the amount of phones shipped in 2011. Along with the Windows based phone and mid-market handsets, ZTE plans to grow even further.

The head of handset strategy at ZTE, Lv Qianhao, commented that, "The United States and China will be key engines driving our smartphone sales," reports (opens in new tab) Reuters.

Lv further disclosed that last year, the company's shipment exceeded their target of 12 million. Interestingly, this was also the year ZTE shifted its focus from feature phones to smartphones to increase their profit margin.

Last year, in the second quarter, the company launched a Windows Phone platform based smartphone in the US. The company has yet to make a similar offer in the UK market, however. Worse even for awaiting UK consumers, the company has not revealed anything concrete yet regarding when they are going to launch their first ever WP powered product in the country.