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Alcatel-Lucent, Microsoft Settle Patent Infringement Lawsuit

The long standing legal conflict between Alcatel-Lucent and Microsoft has finally come to an end, according to new and confirmed reports.

Apparently, the patent infringement lawsuit filed by Alcatel against Microsoft was dismissed by a federal judge after both companies appealed unanimously to end the case.

Microsoft, though, appeared to be quite satisfied with the end result, but refrained from revealing anything regarding the settlement.

"Microsoft and Lucent have entered into a confidential settlement to the satisfaction of both parties," the Redmond based Windows maker stated, according to a Seattle Times report.

Marilyn Huff - the federal judge in charge of the case approved the outside-courtroom settlement.

Paris headquartered Alcatel-Lucent dragged Microsoft into a legal battle by accusing it of infringing on a number of the company's key patents concerning MS Outlook and two other applications.

A jury ruled in favour of Alactel last year and asked Microsoft to pay the complainant $70 million in compensation. However, Huff reduced the amount significantly to $26.3 million.

When dismissing the case, the court also ruled that both Alcatel and Microsoft will have to pay their own costs in addition to attorneys fees.