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AT&T Launches New Data Plans

AT&T has launched its latest smartphone data plans to provide better scope in subscribers monthly tariff. The new plans will be made available from January 22nd.

The company says that the increase in the use of mobile broadband has forced them to rethink the data plan currently being offered. According to the carrier, the earlier plans provide little more value for the money customers pay each month.

After the launch of the new plans, current customers can adopt them if they wish or stick to their older plans. It will be interesting to see how many customers switch and how many prefer to stick with their old data plan.

The latest data plans include 300MB data for $20 per month, the AT&T Data Pro package that offers 3GB data for $30. For 5GB data, users have to pay $50 per month. However, these data plans do not involve wireless hotspots or data tethering access, reports Tech Radar.

To encourage customers to use Wi-Fi more often, the company is providing free accessibility of 29,000 AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots available in the United States. For those looking for a great way to access the web at a cheap rate, Wi-Fi is the way to go.