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Facebook Unveils Sixty Apps for Timeline

Social media giant Facbook has rolled out a bunch of new applications, aimed at allowing users to more easily share things like photos, events, movies, food, fashion and travel experiences.

As much as 60 new apps were unveiled as a part of this new offering, and all these apps are designed to enable users to add various bits of information to their Facebook Timeline.

Though the existing built in features, alongside many third party apps, already allow users to share what they are reading on the Web or the songs they are listening to on their ‘walls', the new apps will enhance those features significantly, the company stated.

"We think that thousands of applications will be built on this platform in the coming weeks and months," Carl Sjogreen, Facebook director of platform products, at the launch of the apps in San Francisco, stated, USA Today reports.

This new group of apps are primarily based on the company's newly launched Facebook Open Graph platform.

The newly introduced apps include the likes of Rotten Tomatoes - the movie review site, Foodspotting, Ticketmaster and many more. However, that's not all as developers are expected to come up with a number of additional apps in the days to come. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.