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IPv6 to Go Live June 6; Google, Others Ban Together to Celebrate Launch

Last Tuesday, Google announced they will join the Internet Society along with many leading Internet companies for the launch of IPv6 - the much talked-about next generation Internet protocol. The coordinated launch will be held on June 6th of this year.

The new Internet protocol will replace the current IPv4 version that has almost been exhausted.

Interestingly, it was in fact more than 15 years ago when the specifications of the IPv6 were released, and from June 6th the world will finally get to experience it.

On the company blog, Google stated the new protocol, "builds on the success and momentum of last year's World IPv6 Day by adding major contributions from ISPs and home networking vendors. With World IPv6 Launch, we'll collectively close the gaps and begin to deliver the end-to-end, next-generation Internet," posted on Google Blog.

The web search giant also disclosed that this launch means all the services of Google, like Gmail, Search, Google+, YouTube and all others will be made available through the IPv6 permanently.

For the regular users, the new experience should be seamless without being able to detect any difference. Google also commented they are hoping that by the time of it launch, there will be many more websites joining this cause to help make the transition faster.