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IBM Releases Beta Version of its Office 365, Google Docs Rival

An official beta version of IBM's cloud based IBM Docs document-editing tool has been released by the company; later in the year when the final version should be made available, it will be competing against similar services from Google and Microsoft, among others.

The IBM Docs document-editing tool, just like Google Docs and Office 365, allows users to share and edit text, spreadsheets as well as presentation documents. However, unlike Google and Microsoft's service, IBM has a special feature for assigning specific sections of any document to different key staff to edit.

Jeanette Barlow, IBM product manager, said "we have approached IBM Docs with the idea that a document is a container of different sections, and so we have made it a flexible item that can integrate more collaborative elements," ZD Net reports.

In fact, business houses can apply security levels for specific parts of any document, which means only those employees who have the required clearance, can view or edit those specific parts. One of the company's governmental customers is testing this feature at present, Barlow confirmed.

The beta version is now available on the company's Greenhouse website. The final version might be made available sometime during the second half of this year.