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Leak Shows Forthcoming Sony Smartphone Releases with Dates and Pricing

The approximate release dates and prices of a number of yet-to-be-announced Sony handsets have been leaked to the media.

According to the website GSM Arena, the leaked information was first discovered in a Sony sales report in India.

The website further stated that though the leaked prices and release dates are specifically meant for the Indian market, those are likely to roughly apply in other Asian as well as European markets also.

The Nozomi, the handset that Sony unveiled at the recently held Consumer Electronic Show, will be branded as the Xperia S. The handset is likely to hit the store shelves some time in this coming March, and will be priced at approximately €462. Interestingly, the leaked information about the Xperia S falls in line with the UK retail house Clove's preorder listings.

Also, it is important to note here that it will be the first Sony branded mobile phone after a prolonged dormant period.

Alongside the Nozomi, aka Xperia S, there are a whole bunch of unannounced products in the leaked list of forthcoming Sony handsets. Some of the handsets featured in the list - Kumquat and Nypon for example, happen to be familiar names. But then, there are also those such as Atlas and Hayabusa which we've never heard of before.

Below is the full table, courtesy of GSM Arena: