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LightSquared Claims Government Testing 'Rigged'

Accusing recently conducted government tests of being "rigged", LightSquared, a telecom start up, is now calling for new tests to examine interface concerns associated with its mobile system.

The new tests, if granted, however, could take concerned authorities a couple of months or so before a final report is prepared. Two months of testing means the company will be left with no other option but to face further delays before their proposed high-speed wireless network is finally given a green light by the government.

Earlier, Sprint Nextel Corp., which was supposed to be LightSquared's ally for the project, set a January deadline for testing and other regulatory requirements.

"The testing just doesn't reflect reality, and it was probably never intended to," said Jeffrey Carlisle, executive vice-president of regulatory affairs and public policy at Lightsquared, according to a Financial Times report.

Considering how LightSquared has little chance of clearing up the mess anytime soon, it will be interesting to see whether or not Sprint abandons the project before it even starts.

Sprint has yet to come up with anything concrete to address these speculations.