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Nintendo Wii U expected specs

Details about Nintendo's next generation Wii U console have been trickling in since the Japanese gaming firm announced it last year, enough now that we have a good idea of what it will contain.

With Microsoft and Sony both saying that it was unlikely they would be debuting an Xbox 720 Loop or Playstation 4 this year, Nintendo could be the only major console manufacturer releasing something new in 2012. This makes its internal hardware a bit more exciting.

So far we've heard that it'll be quite similar to current Xbox 360 hardware in terms of performance, though smaller and more power efficient. As with the Wii, Nintendo will be pushing the alternative control scheme and not targeting a hardcore, graphics focused audience.

CPU wise, we're looking at an IBM Quad Core, 3GHZ PowerPc based processor, built on a 45nm process. While far smaller and more powerful than the 90nm die used in the original Wii, with Intel set to release its next generation Ivy Bridge chips in just a few months, 22nm is the new powerhouse.

Onboard memory is far behind current gaming PC systems too - though that's expected, only packing in 768MB. Graphics wise nothing much has been confirmed beyond the fact that it will be AMD supplied. This means it'll probably include a console specific chip from the 6000 series range. If it had been in development longer it could be using a 5000 series chip, but that seems unlikely.

However, its the tablet like controller drawing the most attention. That little device packs a 6.2 inch touch screen, a built in microphone and stereo speakers. There's even four USB 2.0 connections. Why not USB 3.0? Guess they're not for data transfer.

Now Gamer has the full spec. list included with a short FAQ if you want more information.