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Security Flaw Discovered in RIM Playbook; RIM Claims Vulnerability Issue Resolved

Security researchers have revealed that Research In Motion's PlayBook tablet suffers from certain vulnerabilities that leaves corporate email and other vital user information stored on the device exposed to dark forces in the virtual world.

The claim, made by Zach Lenier and Ben Nell - two prominent security experts at Intrepidus Group, has certainly comes as a big blow for RIM's attempts to make the product more appealing amongst business users, and the tech savvy population as a whole. Recently the company released an update designed specifically to enhance user experience.

Apparently, researchers revealed a flaw residing in the product's Bridge application whose authentication token is not equipped with the adequate security features, hence it can be accessed by hackers with minimal effort.

The researchers also stated once hackers access a user's BBM user name and password, accessing the victim's corporate emails becomes pretty easy.

RIM acknowledged the existence of the vulnerability at a security conference held on January 12.

"The BlackBerry PlayBook issue described at the Infiltrate security conference has been resolved with BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0," the company assured its users, PC World reports.