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Social Media Platform Shaker Receives Backing from Motorola Mobility Ventures

Motorola Mobility Ventures - the strategic investment division of Motorola Mobility is going to invest an unspecified amount in the social networking start up, Shaker.

The Israel based start up recently opened their offices in New York City and San Francisco. The company is currently planning to launch their services in the US this quarter.

Managing Director at Motorola Mobility Ventures, Mony Hassid, commented, "Shaker is the next step in social networking online."

Hassid also added, "Shaker's innovative platform gives consumers the ability to not only interact with each other, but with brands in groundbreaking ways that could never before have been accomplished on a social network," reports Tech 2.

The interesting aspect of this Motorola move is that, Google is about to acquire Motorola Mobility. In addition, the web search giant is also all set to challenge the domination of Facebook in the social networking market. Now Shaker might add a new twist to the tale.

Social networking via smartphones is consistently on the rise. Thus, it seems Motorola Mobility might integrate Shaker on all its devices, as confirmed by co-founder and CEO of Shaker, Yonatan Maor.