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Study reveals that iPhone and iPad users are prone to optimism

Research company Gazelle has come up with an intriguing idea and polled the participants at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012, to find out a connection between a smartphone brand and its owners' state of mind.

Apparently, Apple devices make their owners more optimistic and even happy, where Android users are more active.

However, the Gazelle study has bad news for Research in Motion, as their loyal customers have a bleak mood.

This study reveals that the majority of Apple fans are optimistic about their future, despite the uncertainty of our times - with 29% of iPhone users and 60% of iPad users, all expecting the best. The most part of them are social, and enjoy their friend's company, at 65% of iPhone users and 52% of iPad users.

Owners of Android devices are also optimistic, but the study revealed they are more energetic - "48% of Android smartphone users and 64% of Android tablet users think it's important to keep busy," contains the study.

On the other hand, BlackBerry users are more pessimistic and more worried about their future, more than other smartphone owners. Almost a third of BlackBerry users believe that if something can go wrong, it will and they "rarely count good things happening to them".