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Virgin Media Broadband Goes Down Across UK for Three Hours

In the night of 17th January, Virgin Media faced a major broadband service blackout that affected an overwhelming proportion of the telecom giant's five million customers, though the exact number of affected subscribers is not available as of now.

On the service status page, the company stated: "If you experienced a loss of internet connection between 5pm and 8pm on Tues 17th January, we experienced a national outage during this time, which is now resolved," The Register reports.

Virgin Media also stated that if the users are unable to reconnect, then they should try to power down the router for around five minutes and then restart it. The company also apologised for the inconvenience caused by the blackout.

On the other hand, Virgin Media's forum manager, Mark Wilkin, mentioned that this blackout was "related to a routing hardware issue."

Consumers understandably seem to be very unhappy with what happened. A number of messages were logged on various forums which expressed their anger and disappointment.

Virgin Media is part of UK multi-billionaire tycoon Richard Branson's business empire, which incudes: an airline, travel agency, mobile phone service, radio, cola, financial services, trains and olive oil - amongst a number of other ventures.