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Virgin Mobile to Start Limiting Data Usage Starting March 23

Virgin Mobile has announced that from March 23rd, the company is going to cut off smartphone customers once they consume more than 2.5 GB data within a billing cycle, meaning once a user exceeds the 2.5 GB data cap, his/her Internet speed will reduce significantly.

Known as throttling, this is primarily used to prevent carrier networks from becoming overcrowded.

The company claims the move has been taken to "make sure we can keep offering our Beyond Talk Plans at such great prices," Into Mobile reports.

The carrier also announced once throttling goes into effect, network speeds will be lowered to 256 kbps.

According to various reports, Virgin Mobile was planning to introduce throttling last year in July. However, the decision was delayed. Back then, Virgin Mobile VP David Trimble commented that throttling was absolutely necessary for the company to stay competitive in the market.

Sprint - the parent company of Virgin, however, is still maintaining its previous stance on the issue. According to Spring officials, the company has no intention whatsoever of enforcing throttling anytime in the foreseeable future.