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World's Largest Call Centre Under Construction in China

The construction of what could be termed as the largest call centre in the world began on January 12 in the city of Luoyang in China's Henan province.

The 20,000 seat massive call centre is being built on behalf of China Mobile - the state owned telecom outfit. Construction of the gigantic infrastructure will cost the company about 4 billion yuan, according to a People's Daily Online report.

China Mobile happens to be the largest mobile phone operator in the world, and all its call centres are aimed at providing quality customer service, as well as carrying out marketing campaigns.

By making calls to the call centres, including the one under construction, customers can get instant access to various services to make complaints, apply for service packages, inquire about service, make reservations and so on.

The new, massive call centre is believed to be a part of the country's strategic goal to create centralised process between its call centres. Apart from that, it will also take full advantage out of the country's resources including geographical advantages to provide consumers with high quality service.