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Yoda is advertising Vodafone

George Lucas has pimped out one of the biggest characters from his Star Wars universe, using Yoda in a Vodafone advert - continuing to whore the franchise into the ground.

The advert features the short, green fella' who sees a couple sitting in a sushi restaurant with the man showing off his new phone. The naggy girlfriend jumps in and rolls her eyes, "You're not going to move your contacts over now are you?"

Of course this is where Yoda steps in and begins to move the phones with the 'force.' Because he has nothing better to do than fix people's phones in restaurants. While eating by himself. In our Galaxy. Not one that was a long time ago or far, far away.

At this point the man interrupts Yoda's concentration by grabbing his phone and saying he didn't need any help as Vodafone had already moved all his contacts for him in store. The little green, hairy guy then looks forlorn and surprised, saying that the "force must be strong" with Vodafone. Eurgh.

This advert comes at a time where Lucas says he doesn't want to make any more blockbusters, which should come as a collective sigh from Star Wars fans as it should mean no repeat of the three prequel movies. However, nothing stops the guy from continuing to use his creations in adverts. Though at least we're not seeing R2-D2 anti-smoking public service announcements anymore.