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Amazon Kindle is most unused Christmas present

The Amazon Kindle has been ranked as the most unused Christmas present by after surveying almost 1,500 site users.

After poll results were collected, 48 per cent stated that they had at least one Christmas gift that they hadn't used at all. Twenty-two per cent of that number admitted that it was an Amazon Kindle, with half of those people - lot of layers here - saying it was because they hadn't downloaded any books to use yet.

According to PCAdvisor (opens in new tab), nine per cent of those polled said they had an unused iPad kicking around, with other popular choices including MP3 players and other electronics. Some people used the excuse that it hadn't been charged up yet, though that's a pretty poor one.

"It is surprising to see how many people have not used gifts they received almost one month ago; but I think we are all guilty of putting gifts to one side now and again," said Mark Pearson, Chairman of

Personally, I have a brewing kit I haven't touched yet, as well as some wargaming figures. I've used the hell out of my new blender though. Banana milkshakes, oh yea.

What have you guys just got sitting around making you feel guilty?

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