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China to Surpass 1 Billion Mobile Connection Milestone by End of March

A new study has revealed that China is on the verge of hitting the 1 billion mobile connection milestone.

According to the latest report by Wireless Intelligence, the country is likely to surpass the 1 billion magic figure by the end of March.

China has always been considered a global leader in wireless communication technology and infrastructure, however, this new milestone the country is going to achieve is primarily due to the massive Chinese population that is embracing mobile data services at a much faster rate.

In fact, from 2010 to 2011, the country witnessed an amazing 17 percent increase in mobile connection. The growth, according to many industry experts, has been primarily driven by the newly introduced 3G networks and a growing demand for smartphones in the market.

All three of the country's major carriers including China Unicom, China Telecom as well as China Mobile is now providing 3G networks.

"If China's huge rate of smartphone adoption continues, the U.S. will could wind up playing second fiddle to China on the wireless global stage," noted Kevin Fitchard of GigaOm in his report.