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Ex Xbox and Playstation devs. work together on cloud

Former Playstation Europe CEO Chris Deering and ex Xbox co-creator Kevin Bachus have joined forces on the board of Savtira, a cloud computing firm.

"Technology and interactive entertainment have been my two great passions in life and if given the opportunity, I am more than happy to share the knowledge I've acquired with other innovative, pioneering firms such as Savtira," said Bachus in a statement about joining the firm. His other ventures include social network Bebo (has anyone used that in the last 3 years?) of which he is the chief product officer. Now Gamer has a few more details about his joining.

Combined with Chris Deering's experience in the gaming industry, Savtira has quite a swathe of game related knowledge to draw from. However, Mr Bachus wasn't the only recent acquisition by the firm, with former brewing firm Anheuser-Busch higher up, Dean Ayers joining the team. He is expected to draw on his marketing and sales experience to benefit Savtira.

"We have developed a world-class team of professionals laser-focused on partnering with you for success. Our dedicated professionals contribute their extensive technology knowledge and experience, positioning Savtira to launch the Savtira platform and solutions: a revolutionary eCommerce and entertainment distribution system," reads the company's website.

Well they aren't lying about the diversity of experience certainly.

Savtira is in the business of digital distribution and is expected to be behind the back end designs of online sales systems.