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Google Android Market Reaches 11 Billion Downloads; 250 Million Active Devices Worldwide

Google has hit another milestone as the company's Android Market now boasts off having over 11 billion downloads under its belt, reports Mobile Entertainment.

The 11 billion downloads include virtually everything that one can download from the Android Market including music downloads, games, movies, and of course applications and so on.

In addition, the company also bragged that as of now, there are over 250 million active Android powered devices out there.

Earlier, in December 2011, Google claimed that almost 700,000 new Android powered smartphones were being activated all over the world on a daily basis. If the claim by the search giant was indeed true, and it can sustain that growth throughout the running year, it is highly likely that the total number of Android devices in the world by the end of 2012 will stand at 500 million.

No doubt the popularity of Android is soaring at a rather exponential rate - and so is its growth. So, it will be interesting to see whether or not the company can really reach that 500 million user milestone by the end of this year. For Google, this must be an exciting time.