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100 Percent Biodegradable iPhone Case Arrives, Called iNature

Italian companies Med Computer and Biomood have come up with a fresh new concept when it comes to iPhone accessories. The two outfits have introduced to the market the iNature, which is a good looking iPhone cover that is very environmentally friendly.

The main feature of iNature is that it is fully biodegradable, as it is made from Apinat, an Italian made bioplastic, "that respect all the criteria on the scientifically recognised standards for the biodegradability and compostability of plastic products," - as the official website reassures us.

In order to destroy it, the cover from the Italian makers should be placed in a composting environment where it can waste away, in less than 180 days.

The iNature is soft, but still able to protect the iPhone against shocks. The edges of the cover are rigid and the case offers access to various ports, besides the camera.

The biodegradable phone holder is available in both vivid and pastel colours, which are all meant to appeal to as many customers as possible, with fresh green, lavender, orange and navy blue.

The iNature cover took the stage at the recent Consumer Electronics Show 2012, where it was named as an honouree in the CES Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Awards.