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iOS 5 for Older iPhone, iPod Touch comes via Whited00r 5.1 Jailbreak

A new custom made iOS 5 replica has surfaced in the Apple ecosystem that allows users of older iOS devices to get the same user-experience as their counterparts with iDevices running on the latest version of the platform.

The new offering, dubbed the Whited00r 5.1, apparently allows users of the iPod Touch 1G or 2G, as well as those with an iPhone 2G or 3G model to get the user-experience of iOS 5.

However, there is a downside too, which may prevent users from taking advantage of Whited00r 5.1. Once the custom OS is installed on their older generation Apple device, users will no longer be able to access the App Store, though they will have access to the third-party unofficial Cydia app store. In addition, they will also have to do without the Notification Center onboard.

The makers of the custom firmware Whited00r, claim they are the biggest community active today for rolling out modified firmware for Apple users.

"Installing Whited00r you will get a fully optimised device, just in a few minutes, with a simple restore of your iPhone or iPod Touch," the makers stated, as Pocket-lint reports.

"Your device will be fast and productive again. Whited00r is the best solution for your Apple device, both for power and inexperienced users," they added.