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Koa Wood Black Plate Offers An Intriguing Look To The iPhone

In the plethora of iPhone accessories, only one differentiates itself and with an item that will certainly make an iPhone stand out in a crowd. Orly Locquiao from Cukui designed Koa wooden back plate is now available in a limited edition, where only 100 items are on the market.

The design is inspired by the native art from Hawaiian Islands, and is made out of a local tree, Koa, also known as Koa Acacia.

The tree name means "brave, bold, warrior" and the intricate carving on the wood surface manages to transmit this essence.

The official description of the product puts a serious emphasis on the traditional material, where "the rich reddish wood is very similar to that of a black walnut and is sought for use in wood carving, furniture, and the construction of canoes, ukuleles, acoustic guitars, and Weissenborn-style Hawaiian steel guitars."

Koa wood back plate from Cukui has a price tag of $100, but for this kind of money the interested customers get more than a back replacement for their iPhones.

The rest of the products included in the offer are less beautiful, but nevertheless, quite useful. The pack also contains a Phillips-head screwdriver, Pentalobe screwdriver, anti-glare screen protector, squeegee and polishing cloth.