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Megaupload is Shut Down by US Government, one of the biggest online file-sharing platforms around, has been shut down by the US government for allegedly promoting online piracy, according to new and confirmed reports.

The move by the government did not stop there, as the DoJ (Department of Justice) simultaneously announced the arrest of 4 top Megaupload executives in New Zealand on Friday.

[Update: Anonymous has hit US Gov websites, including the FBI site, in retaliation for Megaupload closure]

This occurence gives rise to a number of questions relating to jurisdiction, as the website is not based in the United States.

With this new development, has become the first major casualty in the infamous, misdirected and much frowned upon battle against online piracy, co-sponsored by the US government as well as the RIAA (Record Industry Association of America).

Also, with the shutting down of Megaupload, the ongoing debates involving the ‘draconian' anti-piracy laws such as SOPA and PIPA are likely to be intensified even further.

"The FBI contacted New Zealand Police in early 2011 with a request to assist with their investigation into the Mega Conspiracy," Detective Inspector Grant Wormald from the Organised & Financial Crime Agency of New Zealand, stated, Reuters reports.

"All the accused have been indicted in the United States. We will continue to work with the US authorities to assist with the extradition proceedings," Wormald added.

Meanwhile, various Internet communities, including the hacktivist group Anonymous, have come forward condemning the crackdown on Megaupload. In fact, Anonymous carried out a retaliatory strike by breaching the DoJ's website, and disrupting it's services for several hours. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.