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Microsoft Exec Admits To Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Problem

In early December, a Xbox 360 dashboard update was released amidst a lot of expectations regarding the latest features and changes. However, since then, it appears that not too many people were happy or satisfied with what they have received.

The update, brought with it a problem with colour output, for some of the users. Since the console update began rolling out, multiple reports have started pouring in mentioning this issue.

Larry Hyrb, director of programming at Microsoft's Xbox division, has now tweeted from his account that the company is "aware of the color space issue w/ some Xbox video apps & are working on a fix." reported Venture Beat.

The executive did not describe the nature of this problem, but it might be down to degradation in colour on the video playback, from the gaming console. In fact, other reports are also suggesting that the HDMI output might also have HDCP authentication problems, relating to certain TVs or receivers, which are blocking the video output.

The Redmond based software giant has not stated or confirmed any resolution regarding this problem yet, but the company is left with virtually no other option but to come up with a fix as soon as possible.