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Microsoft's Windows Phone OS Could Overthrow Apple iOS by 2015

The Windows Phone OS platform could overthrow Apple's iPhone from second place in the global smartphone market by 2015 - no doubt the claim sounds a little absurd considering Microsoft's current standing in the global smartphone arena, but that is precisely what researchers at IHS are suggesting.

According to researchers, Microsoft, which now controls merely 2 percent of the global smartphone market, will increase its market share to 16.7 percent, thus pushing the iPhone to third place.

The researchers further stated Apple will have no option but to remain in third place with just 16.6 percent market share in comparison to Google's massive 58.1 percent market share.

Apparently, researchers believe the inclusion of Nokia in the WP family will eventually result in the platform attracting more app developers than ever.

"The introduction of the Lumia 900 shows that Nokia believes the road back to smartphone dominance runs through North America. And the way to win North America is through its operator channels," said IHS analyst Francis Sideco in a statement, according to a report by Computer World.