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Nokia Rumoured to Enter Tablet Market

Nokia, the largest mobile phone maker by volume, could soon enter the Apple dominated, unipolar tablet market - at least that's what Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop seems to be hinting.

During his interview with TechRadar at the recently held Consumer Electronic Show, the chief executive hinted that the company could, after all, join the tablet race pretty soon. With this, the tech community became flooded with all sorts of rumours regarding the Finnish mobile giant unveiling their maiden tablet device at the upcoming Mobile World Congress.

Nokia has yet to follow its biggest rivals Samsung and HTC into the ever intensifying tablet battle. However, things could start to change soon.

"During the interview Elop talked up Microsoft's Metro user interface for Windows 8, noting the use of live tiles can appeal across the spectrum of technology," taken from a TechRadar report.

The CEO also stated that his company is currently carefully observing the opportunities present in the market.

Nokia loyalists have been eagerly waiting to learn when the company would design its own tablet device. As they always say - better late than never!