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Siri Makes its Way into Our Homes

After the sassy digital assistant from Apple's latest iPhone was introduced to the market, analysts and industry observers, and let's face it all of us, predicted that Siri's capabilities will soon be extended to more and more devices.

The convenience of having voice technology integrated in all sort of devices capable of responding to our voice commands has captured our imagination. Apparently, the time to have Siri controlling the gadgets around us is even nearer than we expected.

A demo video uploaded on YouTube by Carnes Audio Visual, custom home automation installer, reveals how Siri can control appliances in their smart home. We see, for example, how one lucky user can dim down the light by 50%, set up the thermostat to 70 degrees and turn on the home theater system, all with voice command.

The company copied Siri's capabilities by employing AMS-AIP home automation equipment. This is not the only company bringing the Siri-like assistant to control gadgets in their homes.

Even Apple's big rival, Google, revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show plans to integrate voice recognition into home technology. Eric Schmidt, Google chairman, hinted that his company is working on allowing Android to connect every household appliance via the cloud.