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50% of UK Smartphone Owners Use Phone for Apps, Not Phone Calls or Texting

Over half of all smartphone owners claim to use their devices primarily for apps, rather than for making phone calls or texts, a new survey claims.

The study, carried out by the Sunday Times on the eve of publishing their first ever apps list (Appls List 2012), found that more than 50 percent of the UK's population owned a smartphone device.

And more interestingly, the study claimed that 50 percent of those who owned a smartphone, used it more for gaming or using apps, with little priority over the basic features such as texting, emailing and making phone calls, reports Mobile Magazine.

The study also said that of all apps downloaded by smartphone users in the country, 80 percent were free. The total number of apps downloaded during the last week of 2011 stood at an overwhelming 81 million.

According to researchers, on average, smartphone owners had 38 apps on their devices, with 50 percent of those installing at least one new app each a week.

Many industry experts and research outfits are of the opinion that considering the overwhelming rate at which the smartphone market is expanding, the day is not too far when these new generation devices will outnumber the older generation feature phones in the market.