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Xbox 360 selling well, Kinect not so much

Microsoft sold plenty of Xbox 360s over the Christmas period, but according to official figures, the motion tracking Kinect hardware sold far fewer units.

During the last quarter of 2011, the Xbox 360 sold far better than its competitors, with Microsoft managing to ship some 8.2 million units to retailers - though likely not all of these resulted in sales. In December, it's being reported that over 1.7 million new 360s were sold, though it's thought most of these didn't include a Kinect accessory.

While Kinect isn't selling as well as it did during its debut in 2010, Metro has it that there are now 18 million of them worldwide. This means almost a third of all Xbox consoles (66 million) are now making use of the hardware that was initially hailed as quite ineffective. This shouldn't be too surprising though as many thought the same of Nintendo's original efforts with the Wiimotes.

Microsoft islooking to expand Kinect sales onto the Windows platform by offering Kinect for Windows. This PC capable motion tracker is an expansion of the beta drivers released last year which saw people creating light sabres, visual manipulation as well as playing with the voice and motion tracking for entertainment navigation. The hardware that will not be applicable with the Xbox 360 is set for release in early February.