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ZTE Windows Phone 7 Tania mobile phone - hands on video walkthrough

ITPP is now publishing a hands-on video walkthrough of the first Microsoft Windows Phone 7 handset, from the renowned makers of low cost mobiles - ZTE.

We captured this footage from the devices' launch event in London, where a product spokesperson from the company took ITProPortal through all the aspects of the ZTE Tania.

The phone will arrive powered by a single core 1GHz CPU, with RAM clocked at 512MB and internal storage at 4GB, with a 5megapixel camera and a 4.3-inch TFT LCD touch screen display.

The video below highlights the WP7 platform; the screen and processor; Tania's 10mm thin case and 5megapixel camera; the handset's OS and abilities, with Twitter and LinkedIn; the affordability of the phone, with its 4.3-inch screen and other features.