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Microsoft: Windows 8 Packs Mobile Broadband Features

Redmond based software giant Microsoft has unveiled various details of the Windows 8 operating system in order to explain how the upcoming OS is better than all its predecessors. The company particularly emphasized on detailing how this new OS platform will allow users to better manage Wi-Fi and other mobile broadband networks.

This yet-to-be released OS has been designed specifically to make the mobile broadband networks management process simple while keeping the maintenance aspect far easier via data usage monitoring and cost control.

In a blog post Microsoft group program manager, Billy Anders, stated, "We looked at the fundamentals of wireless connectivity and re-engineered Windows 8 for a mobile and wireless future, going beyond incremental improvements".

According to Anders, for true mobility, Wi-Fi is definitely not enough and thus the company has "fully developed and integrated mobile broadband" in Windows 8 OS for providing high class connectivity experience besides Wi-Fi.

Unlike the previous Windows 7, the new OS will come with common mobile-broadband class driver which will work with various smartphone devices without the need of installing device driver software separately.

Anders added by stating that, "You just plug in the device and connect. The driver stays up to date via Windows Update."