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Rovio IPO not Likely in 2012

On Thursday, marketing chief of Rovio confirmed that the Angry Birds maker will not be joining the stock market in 2012. However, he also confirmed that the game developers will be eventually seeking for listings for the popular game some time later.

The executives of the Finnish company declared that, they will seek for initial public offering (IPO) either in New York or Hong Kong. Peter Vesterbacka, marketing chief, said that, "We are not in a rush. This year is way too early for an IPO, there are too many open things, and we are in a very early stage of the Angry Birds lifecycle," reported Reuters.

However, the company has not yet decided the place or time where the initial public offering will be made. The marketing chief mentioned that Asia has huge population and definitely has future but before making any decision the company will see how the market develops.

The game developers are hoping to release new Angry Bird titles this year. Since its launch in the year 2009 the game has registered over 600 million downloads. This game has eventually turned Rovio into an enterprise that is valued at nearly $9 billion.