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£179.99 LG 3D Blu-Ray 5.1 channel Full HD Home Cinema Theater System with Netcast Network

It's all about home entertainment today and one more system that adds up to today's list is the LG BDH9000 Home Cinema that provides ultimate in picture quality and an audio output of 850W through its 4 satellite speakers.

With support for full HD 1080p video resolution and 1080p upscaling capabilities, the LG BDH9000 makes even old movies, video content look new. The 3D Blu-ray player lets you enjoy 3D movies in Full HD at 1080p resolution and in case the movies are on your old DVDs then worry not as the DVDs will be upscaled to near HD quality.

Beyond the traditional CD, DVD, Blu-ray movies, you can even access online content such as YouTube videos, Picasa Photos and Accu-Weather directly to your TV using Netcast. All you hae to do is simply connect the LG BDH9000 to your home broadband network.

You would even be able to connect external HDD and Playback music, photos and HD video files. LG provides a remote via Smartphone whereby your smartphone will become a versatile remote control allowing you to easily browse through content and search for information.

The speakers are just enormous in terms of output with 136W central speaker, 2 x 136W surround sound speakers and 170W sub-woofer.

The LG 3D Blu-Ray 5.1 channel Full HD Home Cinema Theatre System with Netcast Network is available from eBay for £179.99.