£23 Dual SIM Touchscreen Handset Goes On Sale In The UK

Group buying websites often come up with pretty obscure but nonetheless enticing products; Ebay-owned, Gumtreedeals, is currently offering a handset from a little-known Indian manufacturer as part of its daily deal offers.

The NX9 from Necola Mobile usually costs £49, but until Wednesday can be had for as little as £23, a 53 per cent discount. The phone has a rather attractive silver grey finish and some features that are only available on more expensive handsets.

For example, the unlocked device has a 3.2-megapixel rear camera with a front facing VGA one, two SIM card slots, a 2.4-inch TFT touchscreen display (almost certainly resistive), Bluetooth, an FM Radio and a microSD card slot that can accommodate cards up to 8GB in capacity.

Unfortunately, since it is a feature phone, you don't have the luxuries associated with smartphones running on iOS or Android and it can only connect to GPRS, not 3G, networks. That said, there are widgets for MSN, Yahoo and Facebook.

Although Necola Mobile is unknown in the UK, if customers encounter any problems it would be Ebay and Gumtree who are liable for the warranty and related issues arising; and surely at £23 unlocked, it is a punt worth taking, just like ZTE or Huawei were at the beginning.