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£399.97 Panasonic TX-P50C3B 50-inch Freeview HD Plasma TV

Plasmas are one of the best forms of TV that are available and if they come at a reasonable price more or less equivalent to LCDs and LEDs, then there is definitely nothing like it. Panasonic TX-P50C3B is one such Plasma TV that is packed with truck load of features but comes at a very reasonable price.

Talking about the screen size first, you will have a massive 50-inch screen though which you will be able to enjoy true-to-life HD pictures. A combination of NeoPDP technology and high-performance 600 Hz sub-field processor will deliver incredibly detailed and super smooth HD images.

Next up, where most all other TVs limp - Black colour reproduction, the Real Black Drive system on the TX-P50C3B ensures next-gen black reproduction. 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio and a super-fast response time would let you view movies, sports and games just as the director intended - super smooth.

With 2 x HDMI, 1 x SCART, 1 x Composite, 1 x Component, 1 x Audio Input, 1 x Headphone jack, S-Video In, RGB In, Q-link and Optical Digital Audio Output you are more or less in for a solution that would take centre stage in your entertainment setup.

If you are a game buff, the Game mode would definitely impress you as the TV automatically calibrates its picture settings to deliver a quicker image response rate for super smooth video game action.

Direct TVs is offering the Panasonic TX-P50C3B 50 Inch Freeview HD Plasma TV for £399.97.