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Apple Files Patent with Images of Oddly Shaped Batteries

Apple's quest for newer and thinner technology is well known to the entire world. The Cupertino based tech giant made some rather impressive technological breakthroughs in reducing the size of many of its devices.

And in their latest quest, the company has published a patent that displays oddly shaped batteries to be used in future iOS devices to reduce their size.

The patent images show the batteries will be of various shapes so they can simply fit in or around other components inside the device. This will eventually help companies like Apple add any chip in next generation devices without the need to change the size of the chassis. In other words, Apple can add LTE chiplets in its forthcoming iPhone and still maintain the slim size.

Interestingly, the size of the battery will not affect the life of the battery, reports Wired.

Kevin Keller, IHS iSuppli analyst suggests that new patent is far more than maintain thinner shapes. Keller stated, "What I see with this technology is the ability to create alternative shapes, rounded or non-rectangular form factors."

Further, he added, "Apple may go back to more creative geometries for finished products. More contoured shapes."