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Apple to Sell iPhone 4S in Singapore without Camera

One of the most attractive features of Apple's flagship iPhone 4S is its camera, but it seems that carriers in Singapore are set to offer the device without the camera - in a modified version.

Last Thursday, telecom company M1 featured a camera-free iPhone 4S on their website, according to various reports.

The web page showed that the company is offering the 32GB model for $679 along with a two year contract. However, after several hours the product was removed from the website.

Even though this is not the official Apple SKU, it could be a part of Apple's Singapore three carrier's initiative under wherer they are planning to sell the camera-less iPhone to military personnel who are not permitted to carry camera phones due to security policies. In fact, BlackBerry has already provided such camera-less devices.

The Defense Ministry of Singapore recently issued guidelines regarding the use of smartphones by military personnel. Under these new guidelines soldiers can carry devices only after showing a certificate, which proves the phone has been rendered camera free by the carrier, reports The Verge.

Apple has not yet confirmed anything, but it seems that the modified version might be made available for Singapore consumers soon.