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Brookstone Introduces WiFi Cufflinks

Brookstone has released a pair sci-fi like Wi Fi cufflinks that come equipped with a small 2 gigabyte USB memory stick along with a WiFi hotspot enabler.

Thus, these new WiFi cufflinks enable users to set up a WiFi hotspot by simply plugging them in any computer's USB port. These cufflinks can also be fitted with any flash drive, thus, users can save up to 2 GB data on it.

These wireless cufflinks allow users to connect to a number of devices in their mobile hotspot like iPads, smartphones as well as tablet computers or any other wireless devices the user might have.

Even though these cufflinks seem like a James Bond device, it might be worth purchasing them. For downloading additional software as well as installing them into one of the USB flash drives while doing something undercover, these cufflinks can be of great assistance and use. They can also be installed in any computer connected to an internet router to create a private hotspot, reports Time.

By paying $250, one can easily set up their own wireless hotspot without any additional requirement or any other device. Even though they seem like simple cufflinks they are capable of building and providing endless possibilities to users.