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Eye-Fi Lambasts SD Association’s Wireless SD Standard

Last week, SD Association announced that it had come up with a brand new Wireless LAN SD standard that can be used by users for adding Eye-Fi abilities to the card itself.

It seems, Eye-Fi, the company that played a crucial role in bringing up the Wi-Fi embedded SD cards technology, is not happy with what SD Association has done here. According to the company's chief executive Yuval Koren, the new standard introduced by SD Association could infringe upon some key Eye-Fi patents.

He further stated that the SD Association has deviated from its own rules by embracing Wireless LAN SD as a standard. Apparently, SD Association's existing rules say that all member companies must be allotted a minimum of 60 days to present the intellectual property associated with a draft standard, as well as their plans for licensing that particular standard.

"Not only has the membership's intellectual property disclosure window not closed, the Executive Members have also yet to vote on its adoption," Koren stated in a blog post.

"We respect the process as established by the SDA and we call upon the SDA to do the same," he added.