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Google Promotes Online Security, Privacy through New Ad Campaign

Google is going to spend $10 million on ads to be featured on US magazines, newspapers and in various public places like subways in order to spread awareness among people about protecting their personal information online.

The campaign over online security concerns will be called "Good to Know". This campaign will cover two dozen US magazines as well as newspapers and public places like the subways in Washington and New York. The campaign has been designed to encourage people to keep themselves and their information protected.

Through the campaign people will get practical advice as well as tips about managing different kind of data that they share with Google as well as various other websites. This campaign was originally launched in the month of October in UK.

Alma Whitten, Google's director of privacy, called this campaign "quite ambitious" and that, "Given who we are, we have a strong incentive to make the Internet a place that people feel safe to do interesting things," reported Los Angeles Times.

Google has been a matter of intense antitrust probe across the globe with FTC tightening its grips by including Google+ in its probe.