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Harrods to get own Apple store

The UK based retail superstore Harrods is likely to get its own Apple Store soon, according to reports.

The newest Apple setup will be located right inside of the world's leading department store in London. Sources from inside Harrods have reportedly stated that the new Apple Store will feature almost everything on offer, from the Cupertino based iPhone maker.

According to the tech website 9to5mac, the new set up within Harrods in London is likely to "fit in well within Harrods' surroundings" and "will blend in nicely with the store's noted architecture".

Harrods track record in the UK retail market suggests that the prices of the products being offered from this new store, won't exceed those available in other Apple brick and mortar shops.

Having already established quite a high reputation by emerging as the exclusive seller of the BlackBerry Porsche P'9981, along with the first ever seller of the Sony Personal 3D Viewer in the UK - Harrods is definitely no stranger to the country's consumer electronics market.

However, when this new Apple Store will finally see the light of the day, continues to be a subject of mere speculation. Chances are high that it will be launched by the end of the running year.