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Late News: Zynga Mulls Online Gambling Entry, Anonymous Strikes, Megaupload Saga, SOPA to Return?

Facebook game maker Zynga could be set to enter the gambling market by switching one of its titles from a play-for-fun currency model, to one that uses real money. According to the official line, Zynga Poker is the most popular online poker game "with more than 7 million people playing every day and over 30 million each month."

Despite the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and its companion bill, the Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA) being postponed indefinitely thanks to protests from citizens, websites and technology professionals, key senators believe that it won't be long before a revised version is ready.

Anonymous' retaliation against the US government's recent crackdown on the file sharing platform Megaupload continues as the hackers collective raided and temporarily took down the home page of the broadcast network CBS.

European Union's new privacy rules, which are believed to be stronger, are to be revealed very soon that might end up forcing costly burdens and also large amount of fines levied on errant companies. European Commission will be proposing few far reaching and effective changes to various previous rules.

After the US government closed down the file sharing website, Megaupload, due to alleged $500 million copyright infringement, its founder has appeared in a New Zealand court seeking bail, according to reports. Kim Dotcom and three other associates made an appearance in North Shore District in Albany, Auckland and sought bail.